Minneapolis & St. Paul Criminal Defense Lawyer

DSC_2458_final_2When accused of a crime, choosing the right attorney is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  Having the right attorney by your side throughout the legal process can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

At Dahlquist Law, LLC, we understand that every case is as unique as each individual client we represent.  We have built our reputation on aggressively advocating for the rights of our clients, as well as treating our clients with the respect, integrity, and understanding that they deserve.  We are experienced and talented trial attorneys.  We are persuasive not only to juries, but also to prosecutors and judges.

If you have been accused of a crime, it is important to make the call to a qualified and highly experienced  criminal defense attorney with a track record of successfully representing clients throughout Minnesota. The sooner the call is made; the sooner work can begin on your case.

Focused On Your Case

Peter H. Dahlquist and James S. Dahlquist (retired) have built a reputation as powerful advocates in Minnesota. Every case receives the focus that it deserves and every client receives the commitment to the best possible outcome. It is imperative that every case is investigated thoroughly and that clients receive communication throughout the process. It is through this communication and dedication to securing the best result that clients are able to make informed decisions and reach fair conclusions in the legal matter.

Dedicated Advocacy

Dedication is a very important quality for an attorney to have because that means no stone will be unturned, and will the best possible result will be achieved. When accused of a crime, there is evidence. There are witnesses, videos, documents, and other elements that need to be evaluated. While it may seem as if the prosecution has a strong case, the fact is that there may be weak spots that need to be exposed.

The there  may be factors which work in your favor and this is why it is important to not simply accept the charges. Accepting the charges against you and not utilizing your right to fight can result in you paying the maximum consequences when doing so is not always necessary. There are tactics that a skilled Minnesota attorney can use that can lead to reduced charges, case dismissal or acquittal. The goal is the best result and that is what Dahlquist Law, LLC strives for in every case.

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Being accused of a crime can cause confusion, uncertainty, and emotional distress. With the help of an experienced criminal lawyer, you can acquire the best possible outcome in your case. While case dismissal and acquittal is possible at times, there are times when the best conclusion is the reduction of charges so you pay fewer penalties and move on with your life much sooner.  If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, call Dahlquist Law, LLC at 612-677-8357 for a free consultation.