Firm Overview

Minneapolis and St. Paul Criminal Defense Lawyer

DSC_2458_final_2Dahlquist Law is a general practice law firm concentrating in criminal defense representation.  We are experienced trial attorneys who have successfully represented clients charged with criminal offenses including: felonies, gross misdemeanors, misdemeanors, probation and parole violations, post conviction relief, expungements, and juvenile cases.  Dahlquist Law, LLC was formed in 2006 by Peter and James Dahlquist.  James Dahlquist retired from the firm in 2009.

Dahlquist Law has represented many clients on post conviction matters and appeals.  We have extensive experience with cases involving addiction disorders including drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health disorders.  Dahlquist Law has represented clients charged with felonies as serious as homicide, assault, domestic assault drug offenses, theft, gross misdemeanors and misdemeanors.  We also represent clients in traffic matters including Driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated and implied consent driver’s license revocation hearings.  Dahlquist Law represents clients at confiscation and seizure of personal property hearings.

In addition to criminal matters, Dahlquist Law drafts simple wills, and represents clients through probate proceedings.

Call today for a free consultation at (612) 677-8357.  Dahlquist Law is located in downtown Minneapolis.  We share an office suite with 6 other attorneys covering many areas of legal practice.  If we do not practice in a certain area of law, another attorney in our suite likely does, and we can refer your case.