Domestic Assault/Assault

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Any type of assault is very serious, as it involves the physical harming or threat of physical harm. In the case of domestic assault, it involves the alleged physical harm or threat of harm to individuals within the household.

Assault is also considered an “enhanceable” offense in Minnesota.  What that means is if you have one conviction, a second charge will result in a gross misdemeanor charge, and if you have two prior convictions, a third accusation can result in felony charges.

Domestic assault is a very serious matter due to the fact that it is family-related and can sometimes be tied to divorce, custody issues, and other family matters. This means that there are false accusations and exaggerated accusations made against individuals.

If you have been charged with domestic assault or any type of assault, having a skilled and focused  attorney working with you can help you effectively fight the charges and acquire the best result in your case.  Pete Dahlquist has extensive experience representing clients charged with assault crimes.

Guidance In Domestic Assault Cases

When you work with an experienced criminal attorney, you receive both legal and personal guidance so you can have the strongest possible case. In the case of domestic assault, there are many serious issues that may be at play. For instance, children may be involved. Because domestic causes tend to result in Orders for Protection, the parent named in the order will have to stay away from children as well.

This is when accusations of domestic violence results in even more confusion because there is the domestic assault accusation to fight, as well as the Order for Protection. The right for the alleged victim to acquire an Order for Protection is outlined in the Minnesota Domestic Abuse Act.  It says that a person may petition for an Order for Protection for themselves and any minor children. If the alleged threat of danger or violence is immediate, then the court grants a temporary order. It is at the evidentiary hearing that you and your attorney have the opportunity to prove that no abuse occurred. This is important because the violation of an Order for Protection, even if by mistake, can result in criminal charges,  jail time and fines. Repeated violations can be charged as a felony with even higher fines and longer jail time.

Experience In All Types Of Assault Allegations

Domestic assault is just one type of assault that can occur. There are also those types that do not involve family members and there are five classifications ranging from first-degree assault to fifth-degree assault.

The degree that is charged depends on a number of factors, such as the age of the victim, whether or not a weapon was used in the alleged offense, whether or not substantial or great bodily harm occurred, whether or not the assault was due to some kind of discrimination, or whether or not the victim was a member of the police or another position of authority.

Regardless of what you have been accused of or why, Pete Dahlquist can help you fight the charges so you can experience the best possible outcome.

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Domestic assault is something that law enforcement throughout Minnesota aggressively pursues. In fact, any assault charge is very serious and can result in a mark on your criminal record that can interfere with your ability to find a job, find a place to live, go to school, and achieve other things in your life. To learn more about your rights and options, call Dahlquist Law, LLC at 612-677-8357 for a free consultation.