Providing An Aggressive Defense For Serious Criminal Charges

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Peter H. Dahlquist

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Practice Areas

  • Criminal Defense
  • DWI
  • Juvenile Matters
  • Burglary
  • Traffic Violation
  • Drug Crimes


Peter H. Dahlquist has earned a reputation as an aggressive advocate for his clients. His efforts have resulted in successful results for clients charged with homicide, serious assault, DWI, theft, and juvenile matters. His practice is state wide.

Peter H. Dahlquist is extremely skilled at arguing for his client's in court and achieving results which originally did not seem possible. He is diligent in his preparation of cases, and investigation of witnesses, and other factors concerning the strength or weakness of the state's case. Even if his client's have confessed to a crime, Mr. Dahlquist often can achieve a positive outcome. Mr. Dahlquist represents clients charged with all criminal offenses, but most often represents clients charged with DWI, serious drug offenses, burglary, theft, and probation violations.