Providing An Aggressive Defense For Serious Criminal Charges

The Comprehensive Defense You Need

When you have been accused of a criminal offense, you need experienced help from a St. Paul and Minneapolis criminal defense attorney. Dahlquist Law, LLC, has many resources throughout Minnesota that can be used to benefit your case. Although law enforcement has conducted an investigation and the prosecution has gathered evidence, the case may have vulnerabilities. I am attorney Peter Dahlquist, and I will use the appropriate tactics to expose those vulnerabilities. There are also cases when negotiations can result in a reduced sentence, allowing the defendant to move on with their lives sooner.

My criminal defense practice provides knowledgeable, proactive representation in many areas, including:

  • Drunk driving and license suspension
  • Law enforcement taking your property/forfeiture
  • Drug offenses that can result in prison time
  • Serious felonies such as homicide/murder and manslaughter
  • Violating your probation and handling the consequences
  • Domestic violence and other assault charges
  • Making terroristic threats against others
  • Theft crimes such as robbery and burglary
  • Offenses involving juveniles
  • Expungement

No matter the crime you have been accused of, choosing the right attorney to represent your best interests is a very important decision. At Dahlquist Law, LLC, you will find an experienced lawyer ready to defend you in all areas of criminal defense. When you or a loved one is accused, I am there to help you understand the charges, the possible consequences and the next steps. Depending on the circumstances of the alleged offense and the offense itself, one of my first goals is to get you home with your family as soon as possible. From there, we begin working to build a strong defense.

Experienced Advocacy

Sometimes a person needs help with issues like addiction, such as in drug cases, and I help them receive the assistance they need. Other times, a person is falsely accused or overcharged with a crime. Even when there is merit to a drug charge, theft, assault or another type of crime, that doesn’t mean the maximum consequences are warranted.

Start Your Defense By Contacting Me Today

Being accused of a crime can be very confusing and stressful. At Dahlquist Law, LLC, I work hard to remove as much stress from the criminal process as possible. I will communicate with you, advocate for you and defend your rights through every step. You will always know what is happening, can make informed decisions and can be confident that we are striving for the best result given the facts of your case.

To learn how I can help, call 612-887-4020 or fill out a brief contact form. Your consultation is free.