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Don’t Let A Drug Charge Derail Your Life

Drug offenses are taken very seriously in Minnesota. If you are charged with a crime involving the possession, sale, distribution or trafficking of controlled substances, you could be facing serious consequences, including prison or jail time, fines, a criminal record, property forfeiture and more.

At Dahlquist Law, LLC, you will work with a lawyer with 15 years of experience. I understand what you are going through and have the experience to help you through the process. I will build a strong defense so you can effectively defend yourself against the charges. I am also here to ensure your rights are protected and to make sure you understand your options so you can make informed decisions.

It’s Important To Understand The Drug Charges You’re Facing

There are different types of controlled substance charges. The most common are possession of a controlled substance and possession with the intent to sell. Individuals can also be charged with manufacturing drugs and trafficking them.

If you have a controlled substance in your possession, you will be charged with one of six drug charges, with the sixth involving a small amount of marijuana. The other five charges range from first-degree possession of a controlled substance to fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance. The exact degree that a person is charged with depends on the type of drug and the amount of the drug, as well as other factors.

When charged with possession with the intent to sell, it is because a police officer states that they found you in possession of a controlled substance in addition to materials that are used to package and sell drugs. These factors make the alleged offense very serious.

A Conviction Can Put Your Future At Risk

The penalties for controlled substance crimes can be very serious. They include prison time, fines, a criminal record and forfeiture of property that may be believed to be a part of the crime.

I will fight for your rights and for a successful outcome in your case. It is very important that you fight the charges because doing so can result in you not having to pay the maximum penalties. This means possibly not having to serve time in prison and having a better chance at a brighter future.

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