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Did The Police Seize Your Property?

If you have been charged with a crime, such as DWI, you may face a conviction that results in criminal penalties. However, the consequences can go further than fines and jail time; you could also face property forfeiture if it is believed that the property was used in the commission of a crime. For instance, it is common for a DUI or DWI charge to result in the vehicle being forfeited.

It can be very difficult to have to give up something that you have worked hard for. It may seem unjust, and there are some cases in which it is. If you are facing forfeiture, it is important to speak to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. I am attorney Peter Dahlquist, and I have 15 years of criminal defense experience. You have a limited time to challenge a forfeiture, so contact me today to learn how you can fight the criminal charge against you, the forfeiture and other possible consequences.

Experienced With All Types Of Forfeiture

There are many types of property that can be forfeited, including:

  • Jewelry
  • Vehicles
  • Homes
  • Home office equipment
  • Boats
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Weapons

When your property has been seized, you have the right to fight to get it back, but you have only a certain amount of time to take action.

When you fight forfeiture, you must show why the forfeiture was unfair or unnecessary. Perhaps your computer was seized because it was used in an alleged internet crime or your home was seized after a drug crime arrest or a homicide. Property that is believed to have been purchased with stolen money can also be seized.

Taking Action Quickly On Your Behalf

It is important to seek legal help today. It is possible for your property to be forfeited before you ever have a chance to defend yourself against the criminal charges. It is also possible for it to occur after the outcome of your case has been determined.

When you are facing forfeiture, you are facing a major adjustment in life. If you lose your vehicle, you may not be able to drive to work. If you lose your home, then you need to find another place to live. These are just a few reasons why you need to exercise your right to fight forfeiture.

You Deserve The Chance To Get Your Property Back

Forfeitures can be challenged, and it is your right to do so. If your vehicle has been forfeited because you are suspected of DWI/DUI, you have a limited amount of time to challenge that forfeiture. If you need to challenge a forfeiture, Dahlquist Law, LLC, can help you. Call 612-887-4020 or complete a brief form for a free consultation.